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I am wondering if this is really the best media center to use or I am missing out on other features that devices like nvidia Shield provide. What are you thoughts? Quick Edit. Full Edit. Dangelus Team-Kodi Member.

Setting up on the Mac

Posts: 2, Joined: Jan Reputation: Dangelus Team-Kodi Member Posts: 2, Plenty of opinions here, do a little research: thread Also have a search of the hardware forum as these questions have been asked and answered countless times. Always read the Kodi online-manual , FAQ and search the forum before posting. Website Find. I did read that link, but I am not sure where my Mac Mini falls in terms of the categories listed.

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Does that mean it is in neither of those categories? How can I find the hardware capabilities of my Mac Mini, i. These include: HDMI 1. Bonus features on various platforms, some of which are fast becoming mainstream: bit vs 8-bit Is it all just marketing hype? Posts: 8, Joined: Feb Reputation: But you will get better than p resolution for Amazon Instant Video using a browser than using the App on the Shield. If you are not video judder sensitive this won't make a difference.

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Both the Shield and Mini will only give you 8-bit video output using Kodi. EDIT: looks like the Mini is limited to a resolution of x over that spec of Thunderbolt. OSX Limitation. Really no Audio quality difference. Unless you need Android Apps or are having major Kodi GUI usability issues with the remote you have I do not see a lot of advantage to upgrading.

However run Windows on a Mac with Bootcamp and these are available. This depends on the HDMI version used. Thank you so much! Based on the above I concluded that it makes sense to stay with the Mac Mini, however to overcome the audio and other limitations of OSX, I should install Windows on it. Plus if you use Windows 10, there are Apps like Netflix available. Some of the guys over in that thread are using Trial versions of Windows 10, without needing to register. Posts: 3, Joined: Jan Reputation: I use a mid Mac mini myself.

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Like wrxtasy said boot to Windows. Only issue I have ever is the fan is very loud.

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I did some research and it looks like when swapping the HDD I didn't transfer the monitor so that is why it always kicks on. This means that you should provide your own content from a local or remote storage location, DVD, Blu-Ray or any other media carrier that you own.

I was only a few bucks, but still…. If you want to completely live in the Boxee or Plex world, this is all you need, really. However, I wanted to be able to start a few applications, have a virtual mouse, and perform a few other system-related tasks without the assistance of SSH or VNC, so I installed Remote Buddy. These functions are very helpful particularly when Boxee crashes which it seems to do quite frequently.

Not wanting to learn the hard way, I just installed the recommended Candelair IR driver.

How to setup a Mac Mini Media Center, server, and remote torrents box

I believe this was addressed in a Snow Leopard Service Pack Because I have a weak wireless After a good deal of troubleshooting, I came to the conclusion that it was a client-based problem and not the fault of the built-in VNC server on the Mac Mini. I had to dial down the Color Depth to 16 bit for things to work, but now it runs reasonably smooth. Now, VNCing to the Mini is mostly seamless, though still kind of slow due to my poor wireless signal. Make sure to apply the permissions most relevant to your setting.

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The GB local disk included with the Mac Mini was simply not enough for a media center storing p and p HD content. I looked into several options including the super-slick miniStack which is the same form factor as the Mini, but ultimately I decided that the form factor and faster hard drive was just not important enough to justify the extra expense. A co-worker sent me a deal at Dell. It is quiet and fast enough for me. Really, there was very little configuration involved.

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The Mini correctly identified my video resolution and looked great on the TV.