Size of the original big mac

I feel like the old Mac would have too much bun.

Giga Big Mac, nearly triple the size of a normal Big Mac, returns to McDonald’s Japan this month

Like it looks not very good to me. When I worked at McDonalds late 80s, early 90s , the big news was that we went from to-1 to 8-to-1 patties. That's 10 patties per pound vs.

What that says about this picture, I'll leave for you to decide. Edit: Two have commented that they are to-1 since my time at McDonalds and I'm now beginning to question my memory. Maybe they went from 8-to-1 to to Or, maybe all of the fry grease I was exposed to has altered my memory.

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McDonald's doesn't like employees to say "grease" for the oil in which fries are cooked. Good thing I'm not employed by them anymore. That's why you need to custom order the "Man Mac" ask for two quarter pounder patties instead of the standard ones. Edit: I find it hilarious that this comment has only a few upvotes, but I've literally had 13 replies.

Sometimes when I've ordered this, they give me an insane look. I don't call it the "Man Mac" when I order it, but there have many a drunk explanation to the cashier, which usually leads to a manager walking over, looking at me in my inebriated state and just saying "I got you.

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Oh I'm sure they are. Open a big Mac next time you get one. The patties are ridiculously thin and small. McDonalds shrunk their bun size during Wendy's "Where's the Beef" promotion. They shrink the size of the original burgers. Once you get accustomed, they make you fill good because for a limited time they will return it to the original size. Giving the illusion that they are doing something spectacular.

Size comparison of McDonald's Big Mac over the years - Imgur

Same with pizza. For me, pizza-hut and dominos, etc. But they are everywhere, so I'll settle for them occasionally. Not exactly cheap here though Because it's delicious. I miss it so much!

McDonald’s: 1955 Vs. Now

Kuaina Burger - hands down, one of the best. McDonalds, forget it. The old saying, you get what you pay for. So tired of Mac Burgers, I'm down to the fish sandwich and take off the bottom bun. Quarter Pounder?

Never enough onions or mustard. Too much "Big Mac" is not healthy, especially with the cheese. I haven't been to Mac for years. I've no interest their products at all but I would have a Burger King over Mac if I was feeling the urge for a cheapo burger. And a decent price on their gigantic beers is pretty nice. Does Japan McDonalds put wusabi in their sauce? It tasted different to me and slightly spicey. I want to say it was a Big Mac, but I could be msitaken, it was last year though for sure. I remember when a Big Mac meant something And a small fry back in the day or at least the one McDonalds I use to go to was about medium sized when they would stuff the bag breaming with hot delicious salty fries.

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Now a large fries barely has even the top carton being touched with fries, much less overly filled with them.