Mac os x install stuck on apple logo

They said to box it back up and they will deliver a replacement. It sounds like you got the one rotten Apple out of the baskets. Thank for your advice. However, when i try all your tricks, it keeps crashing. It goes on safe mode-then crashes. Recovery mode-crashes. The screen just goes black.

The time I used it was a few hours ago.

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And now it wont boot. This is a very concerning issue. Take a look at this article and see if those tips help. That problem is the worst! Have you tried starting up with your MacBook plugged into the charger and your charger plugged into a wall outlet?

See if that will launch recovery mode from Apple Servers. If so, then navigate to Disk Utility and try the steps listed in the article. None of this worked. Run Disk Utility from Recovery? Nothing works. At I click my user login, it goes to a grey screen then right back to login screen. Got anything else?

Thank you!!! I am on a Caribbean Island with no hope of tech support. Recovery mode worked.

How To Fix A Mac Stuck On Apple Logo At Startup

If Disk Utility tells you the disk is about to fail, back up your data and replace the disk. Otherwise, continue to next step. You can click Show Details to see more information about the repairs. Otherwise, you may need to do one of the following. You need to check each file in the list of affected files. Most of the files in the list have aliases in a DamagedFiles folder at the top level of your disk.

Thank you so much. Disk utility did it even tho nothing showed up amiss. This was after installing el captain. Who knows? Safe made did the trick. My late MacBook Pro was definitely struggling for some odd reason. It took a while after booting for the pop up screen for iCloud to load but it appears fine now. Great advice for backing up, etc. Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer. Search posts. Check Out Our Video Tips SK Managing Editor.

Show 58 Comments Hello! I am currently using a hand me down MacBook. I cannot do anything to it, so I am seeking your advice to help me with this ongoing issue. In that case, 1. Open Disk Utility and run First Aid 3. Is something going on with your Mac? My macbook pro is not ecxecuting all the commands in your tip pls help m. That way your data is preserved. Safe Mode does the same thing gets stuck. Click Repair Disk. Hardware Diagnostics froze my computer too. Hi Tyler, Oh man, that stinks!

I chose Macintosh HD and it loaded the login screen. Thought it might help. Backing up your data is always a great idea before you troubleshoot.

Haw to fix ,a1534 macbook 2015, stuck in apple logo (Part 2)

Hi Wilson, Oh my goodness, we hate when those too many corpses messages comes around! If the problem persists, let us know. Hi Jessi, Since you successfully created a. The extended test takes longer to complete When the test finishes, your test results appear in the lower-right To quit Apple Hardware Test, click Restart or Shut Down at the bottom of the window Hope this helps!

Hi Ayla, Sorry to hear about your Mac problems with start-up. Hopefully, one of these works for you! And leaves your partner blameless. I bought it in. How do I fix this issue? Any help would be great! Hi Blaine, Sorry about your troubles on your older MacBook. Good Luck, SK. Hi Asgard, Sorry about your MB troubles. Hope you MacBook gets better! Hi Andy, Sorry to hear that!

Hope that helps. Enjoy it, SK. Hi Phait, This is a very concerning issue. I hope something provided works. Keep us posted, SK.

Boot to Safe Mode aka Safe Boot

Select one or all categories: photos, videos, audio, documents, email or others. Then select the hard drive of your Mac. Click Scan. Step 3.

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Once the scanning is stopped, you can view the deleted files and choose the needed one to recover to your Mac. FonePaw uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Click Privacy Policy to learn more. Got it! Product Multimedia.

How to fix the MacBook white screen

Data Recovery MacMaster Hidata. If you confirm that the installation is frozen, try the following methods to fix. This procedure should not be performed while on battery power. Follow the onscreen instructions. January 19, Daniel Millbank macOS Problem A stuck progress bar usually occurs when your laptop attempts to reboot from an unexpected shutdown. Solution 1 Boot your Mac in Safe Mode. If your computer loads successfully, you will want to run disk maintenance on your startup disk: Click on Spotlight top right of your desktop , type disk, click on Applications: Disk Utility In the left column of Disk Utility, select the Macintosh HD.

Mac stuck on white screen? Here’s how to fix it.

Click on the Repair Disk Permissions button and let it run a check. This should take 1 to 5 minutes. Click on Verify Disk to run a scan, This should also take about 1 to 5 minutes.