Spinning wheel on mac air

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How to stop the spinning color wheel on a Mac

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Sideshow Hob macrumors newbie Original poster. Aug 14, 1 0. Hi all, I am running a iMac 2. My startup takes about 10 minutes before anything loads - I get the spinning wheel of death for ages, even with simple tasks - like opening safari. If I have try and open two programs everything just stops. Things I have tried recently; 1.

How to Fix SPOD (Spinning Pinwheel of Death) in Mac

Ran malwarebytes scan - no issues 2. Ran disk check using first aid disk utility no red lines 3. Activity monitor appears to be fine, nothing crazy, just stays in green 4. I have removed all but one startup item no difference 5. PRAM reset no difference 5. I have 1TB of storage with GB available I have been scouring forums and blogs trying to find ways to improve performance but nothing seems to work.

spinning wheel ON SAFARI

I would be really grateful if anyone was able to point me in the right direction. My home desktop is also my work computer so desperately need to sort.

Cleaning out the dyld cache can clear a SPOD or beachball

Thanks in advance! BugeyeSTI macrumors Aug 19, 2, 1, Arizona. Reactions: Weaselboy. Jupeman macrumors member. Jan 13, 67 How much RAM? Desktops Speciality level out of ten: 0. Any ideas? More Less. Question marked as Solved User profile for user: Kappy Kappy. Desktops Speciality level out of ten: 1.

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Be sure to backup your files before proceeding if possible. Shutdown the computer, wait 30 seconds, restart the computer. Disconnect all third-party peripherals. Start the computer in Safe Mode.

iMac painfully slow - spinning wheel help

Test in safe mode to see if the problem persists, then restart normally. Use Apple Hardware Test to see if there is any hardware malfunction. Repair the disk by booting from the Recovery HD. Immediately after the chime hold down the Command and R keys until the Utility Menu appears.

Choose Disk Utility and click on the Continue button. Select the indented usually, Macintosh HD volume entry from the side list. Click on the First Aid button in the toolbar. Wait for the Done button to appear. Quit Disk Utility and return to the Utility Menu. Restart the computer from the Apple Menu. Repair permissions on the Home folder: Resolve issues caused by changing the permissions of items in your home folder.

MacBook Pro Stuck On Apple Logo with Loading Bar/Spinning Wheel (Fixed)

Click on the lock icon and enter your Admin password when prompted. Setup a new Admin user account. Upon completion log out of your current account then log into the new account. If your problems cease, then consider switching to the new account and transferring your files to it - Transferring files from one User Account to another. Immediately after the chime hold down the Command and R keys until the Apple logo appears.

When Disk Utility loads select the drive out-dented entry from the Device list.