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Once, again. About reviewer 12 reviews. I always thought this powder was overrated until I tried it. I got a makeup app at MAC and they used it on me and like someone below wrote it's the perfect blend of giving good coverage, while adding some glow. Very natural coverage and super long lasting. I never even have to reapply this. I was on the look out for a new powder foundation, to use on its own, with a satin effect not too matte and not too glowy and light to medium coverage.

My face is covered in freckles, so a too matte and covering powder just makes me look dead I have and love Facefinity powder compact by Max Factor, but it contains glitters so I wanted something without it. After doing some research I came to … Read more. My holy grail setting powder! Will definitely repurchase when Iam less tanned in winter. About reviewer 27 reviews. I use this to set my foundation and I love it. I never use powders because they have all made me look very cakey but this foundation does not AT ALL.

It is amazing. I apply it right after my foundation with a large powder brush. I bought this powder after reading the reviews on here. I am 41 and have started to get some lines underneath my eyes, which seem to be accentuated when I use face powder to set my concealer.

MAC Mineralize SkinFinish Natural Review and Its Tempting Dupes

This powder is lovely, it doesn't mattify my face to the point where it looks flat and dull, but instead gives a more dewy finish which is far more natural. Unfortunately it does nothing for the lines … Read more. About reviewer 83 reviews. Write Review. Tan Skin Type Very Oily Other Hair Type Curly Eye Color Favorite Flag. Did you? Yes No. Is this review helpful? Previous 1 2 3 4 Next.

Most Viewed Powder Products. Especially when you have such humid weather, you definitely need powders over liquid or cream bases. I have posted it on my blog. If anybody is interested, you may check it out. MAC makes kohls pencils and technakohl liners. Technakohl liners smudge lesser than the kohl pencils.

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Infact I quite like them except the fact that they are mechanical pencils. There is, a shade called graphblack , you may pick that up if you want. But all kohl pencils smudge- some more and some less. You have to set them with a shadow. Try powerpoint pencil. Forgot the name of the black shade. NO smudging.

Same price as smolder. This was first powder product I bought from MAC…. Its most handy when you want to look good without spending too much time on it….. Oh then I have to get this Graphblack.. I think its because I sneeze quite often and eyes watering washes off everything. I like that black black look to stay on..

The tears in our eyes have enzymes that break the makeup. The longest staying power I have so far come across is that of the chromagraphic pencils but they also kind of start wearing off after a few hours. You may always do the touchups. The powder prevents the colour from moving down on your under eye area.

Mineralize Skinfinish Natural

I never have problems with smudging, Rati, so no problem with that.. I write comments very less as I get very little time to visit the sight. But today I am reading all the blogs and sharing my thoughts. So I have a couple of things to add to in agreement to what Rati is saying. With respect to MSF; initially I also did not like it since it did not show and its firmly set it our minds that makeup has to show. But its new age makeup — Nude-natural.

But gradually my mind changed. I am not a foundation and powder person at all. But since I work by evening my skin used to look very tired haggard too. MSF is sheer as Rati said butwhat I observed- it has the tedency to become luminiscent as the day goes by making you look radient and fresh and glowy. The trick that I realised by trying and testing it is a good and healthy moisturizer over which to apply it.

So your skin should look very hydrated.

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Of course another enhancement is that your skin should be good without blemishes. Same goes for the Mineralize lose foundation. Make sure to tone your skin also before moisturizing it Now for the eyes I agree with Rati on blackgraph; this is for gunmeen; I have similar problem. Very watery eyes and nothing sticks. Have tried many kohl pencils and kajals but nothing stays and everything smudges. And I like my eyes as black as possible. For not smudging, the trick I apply is to line the waterline and does not irritate very dark with it and with a mac smudger smudge it with very very light hands.

Do not let it come out. If you are wearing it for 10 hrs so may be after 6 hrs you may like to do a touch up. It gives that luminous glow after half an hour or so. And yes since it gives very sheer coverage, your skin has to be even and good. I generally dab a little concealer under my eyes and apply it. And I am good to go. I recently purchased it for 48SGD. When MUA applied it on my face, it was great.

And I asked her to do a little makeover to all my face. I came home and did not wash my face till night coz I dont wanted to lose that effect. I was very happy to purchase this product. But now since I apply it regularly I dont find any difference. Your email address will not be published. Related Posts. Let me know what you think about it. How do you find it.

MAC BB Cream+ Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Review

We pay so much and the amount of product we get justifies it. Take pride. Sheer powder looks like a fav too?? N now I am confused.. Hey Aarthi can you review the sheet powder or maybe just a tiny review here would also do. Renuca, which shade do you use? And some people say that it cakes, is that so?

MACQueen are you listening :announce:. You have a doubt Rashmi??? I was trying to finish it up. Finally this review is here!! Thank you sooo much!!! Its supposed to give a matte finish?? But wht attracted me to this is ur glowing face? I am def checking it out and most probably buying it too :yes:.

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  • Oh yes.. Sooper amazing thing to travel with. Let me know which shades you pick up. Sure Rati.. Mostly it would be the same shade of yours I guess.. It might be different also, Poornima. They are very confusing shades. I reviewed it especially for HD and you. You guys so wanted to know about it.

    Hi All, I write comments very less as I get very little time to visit the sight. Excellent and useful comment.

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    It totally added to the review. Thanks a ton!! Infact, a big thank you to you. Hasina x. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Recent from the blog. Sounds like all these years we have been eating completely wrong! You can definitely eat your sugar in moderation, but there are also healthy alternatives to sugar which can […].