Mac delete downloads folder accidentally

This is typically the case if you downloaded the file through BitTorrent and are still seeding it, or you have already opened it in another program. Click here if you're still having trouble deleting the file. Method Two of Four: Mac. Open your Downloads folder.

Accidentally Deleted my downloads folder in finder and...

You can access the Downloads folder from your Dock, as well as in the sidebar of any Finder window. This is the default location that most apps will download files to. If you've changed the download location in any of your app's Preferences menu, you'll want to check the location you specified. Find the file you want to delete. Browse through your Downloads folder until you find the file that you want to remove. Narrow your search to disk image files. Mac programs are downloaded as DMG files, which are disk image files that contain the program.

When you install a program, the DMG file remains in your Downloads folder, taking up space.

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In the search bar in the upper-right corner, type disk image and select "Disk Image" from the "Kinds" section. This will limit the display to just DMG files, allowing you to quickly clear a lot of space. Safari - Click the "Window" menu and select "Downloads". Click the Magnifying Glass button next to the file you want to delete.

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Drag the file to your Trash. I want to delete all records of my file downloads. OS X keeps a log of all of your downloaded files. If you're concerned about the security of your system and prying eyes, you can manually clear this log file using the terminal. Open the Terminal in your Utilities folder. If OS X will not let you delete the file, it is likely because it is in use by another program. Method Three of Four: Android.

Download and install a file manager app. There are a variety of free file manager apps available for Android. These can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Your device may come with a file manager installed already. Navigate to your Downloads folder. When you open your file manager app, you will be shown a list of all of the directories on your phone.

Look for the one labeled "Downloads". You may have to move up a directory to see it. Note: Downloaded pictures may be located in your Pictures folder, and downloaded videos may be located in your Videos folder. Press and hold the file you want to delete. NTFS for Mac. Free Download. Still have questions? Contact us. How to recover files deleted from macOS Mojave Trash?

How to recover unmountable hard drive on Mac? How to recover deleted files with Mac Terminal? How to fix invalid node structure error?

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  • Using DiskWarrior? How to fix "volume header needs minor repair" error? Apr 13, 1 0. Go to finder in File up top hit new smart folder. Then Search downloads and you will see the download folder come up select and it will add to finder. Then add to dock. This may have been resolved but this is how I did it and it was easy.

    Nov 23, 5, 1, Easiest way IMO, 1. Open Boot Drive 2. Look at the Favorites List on the Left side of the Window 3. Drag the folder into the dict to create the Downloads alias Folder. Jul 17, 6 0. The downloads folder evaporated and it does not appear in Finder now.

    How to Delete Downloads on Mac

    Except, the downloads icon still appears at the bottom of the screen along with all other icons. How do I get the Downloads folder with all contents back to square one then?? I just want to delete the older files now that I have been able to copy and paste onto my external drive. Download Folder Simply type download into Spotlight then drag the small download folder on the left of where it says downloads probable the top hit onto your dog.

    Job done!!! TJSmith macrumors newbie.

    Nov 9, 2 0. Thank you brightjc me. Simply look up downloads in Spotlight at the top right of the screen then drag and drop the small folder icon next to where it says downloads onto your dock. Nov 14, 1 0.

    Downloads Folder Missing from Dock on Mac: How to Restore It

    If you have deleted the Downloads folder from Finder- -Open spotlight, search for Downloads folder and open. Once it has opened in Finder, click on file and select "Add to Sidebar" Hope that helps! Once it has opened in Finder, click on file and select "Add to Sidebar". Sep 16, 1 0. I literally just created an account to say this. I had the same problem, and the solution is as simple as opening Downloads in finder, then click and drag the little downloads blue folder to the left of the word downloads onto your dock.

    Ashleigh West macrumors newbie. Oct 3, 1 0. I've had this problem and I found out how to fix it.