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Build quality of the Maxtor Shared Storage MSS must be seen to be believed as the case is made of very solid brushed aluminium. The WD NetCenter has ventilation slits in its plastic sides negating the need for an internal fan.

How to configure a RAID 0 Volume on a Maxtor III Turbo on your Mac

But as the case on the Storage Plus is sealed a small fan is located at the rear which draws air through the mesh grill at the front — thankfully noise levels are very low. The bundled Quick Start utility makes light work of installation as it searches the network and displays all discovered devices ready for selection.

After you have completed this step, you are done making modifications and can go on to step 4 unless your shared storage device is not a GB model, in which case you will need to go to step 3. Sector 1 of your disk contains the necessary partition information such as the partition offset and size.

Maxtor Shared Storage reformatiing woes. | MacRumors Forums

We have identified exactly which bytes need to be modified in the MBR sector 0. Do not modify any other sector. Because the MBR stores data in the little-endian format, each 4 bytes that we identify in sector 1 will need to be reversed in the MBR partition table. Examine both the MBR and sector 1 below.

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You will notice how the data is copied into the MBR. We have color coded each block of data that you need to copy in sector one, reverse, and copy to sector 0. Mount your disk using rfsgui v2. There are other utilities that will mount a Reiser Partition; use these programs at your discretion. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Maxtor Shared Storage II holds 1TB

Dec 19, 4, 1, Georgia. Which I am having trouble reformatting and maintaining it's full capacity.

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History This drive needed data recovery performed as the owner accidentally deleted their files without having backups. However in the process of recovery I had to also use reiserfsck to repair the Superblock and partition table to make the partition mountable in Ubuntu forever making the drive unusable in the Maxtor Shared Storage enclosure. Now I am trying to reformat the hard drive as NTFS and dump the recovery I made onto the drive for them to stick inside their computer.

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If no solution is available I will just format to GB and leave it at that. The only conclusions I have come to is that either the drive is actually a smaller drive and Maxtor used compression in the shared storage. Or Maxtor tweaked the drives firmware to prevent people from sticking the drive into a computer if the Shared Storage's network board failed.

By making the board itself only support 40bit LBA. I have looked to see if there are firmware updates but none are available. I also have concerns that the contoller board has some tweaks to prevent flashing to a normal firmware, rather resulting in a flash failure hosing the drive. Makosuke macrumors