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This is a great dictionary. You can even paste in several Tibetan sentences and the dictionary will segment the words appropriately.

Anki is a versatile — and free! I think one of the files has more Buddhist terms from my class and one of them is more colloquial. Flashcard File 1.

Tibetan-English Dictionary - Rangjung Yeshe Publishing

Flashcard File 2. Flashcard File 3. I use Wylie. For older Mac versions or PC, googling will turn up a ton of information on how to input Tibetan. Entry filed under: Uncategorized. Hope they are useful and good luck on your Tibetan language studies! When I first encountered the name, I had the same question.

I am a Tibetan student interested in studying Tibetan language and Buddhist philosophy at Sarah College in the near future. Could you please send me an e-mail to let me know of your experiences with the program? You are commenting using your WordPress.

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You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. A Tibetan nomad. The Illuminator Dictionary running under the Windows TibetD Reader Academic and Non-academic Needs Equally Supported Our products are highly thought of both by both academics and buddhist practitioners and we go out of our way to provide for both worlds. The person behind all of the products and the author of the Illuminator dictionary is Lama Tony Duff, who has a full post-graduate academic training and has also been a Buddhist monk, translator, scholar, and practitioner during a span of nearly forty years.

Tony specifically tries to work with both worlds without favouring either. For this reason we keep the needs of academics in mind and do have special programs for them. If you are an academic with students, please know that we are here to assist you. For example, Prof. Jose Cabezon at the University of California recently arranged a licence with us where the university library gained full access to the products listed below and where EACH student in his Tibetan studies program for the unlimited future will receive their own, personal copy of the dictionaries to keep.

If you would like to have your students using our products like this or in some other way as an adjunct for your teaching, we would be happy to discuss the matter further with you. Tony travels and gives lectures and demonstrations on the software and on Tibetan grammar, which is one of his specialties. He recently gave demonstrations at Bonn, University of Virginia, and other universities.

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This allows users who prefer to work directly in Tibetan to do so and those who prefer to work directly in Wylie to do so. Purchase: Windows version with immediate download. Windows version Free Download. The dictionary is very large and encyclopaedic in content.

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It is now in its fifth edition and is larger than any other Tibetan-English Dictionary available. Some very exaggerated false claims about size are made by other providers of dictionaries. We do not need to exaggerate; our product speaks for itself as third party reviews show.

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The dictionary is constantly being developed even further. There is a program of updates to the dictionary, too. Updates are always significant and have been popular. Registered users can purchase a one-time update at any time hrough our electronic shop. We receive continual praise for the updates, the value obtained in them, and the ease of obtaining and installing them.

Tibetan and Himalayan Library - THL

All entries are listed in both in Tibetan and Tibetan transliterated into English so searches can be done in either style. It has the added feature of full hyper-linking for much greater access to the content of the dictionary. All other lexica available from us can be used in tandem with this dictionary, using the features of the TibetD Reader software that drives the dictionary.

For example, if you have the Illuminator and another of our dictionaries, you can click on a Tibetan word anywhere in the Illuminator and look it up immediately in the other dictionary.

How to install Khmer dictionary on Mac for free ( support all version )

You can keep the lookup window open as you read the Illuminator and click on other words for instantaneous lookups. You can even use this feature to do translations on the fly. Verbs are not done haphazardly but using the Great Tibetan-Chinese Dictionary.

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The entire verb listing from that has been included, so the dictionary is a completely reliable reference for verb tenses. Not only that, but all of the examples of the Great Tibetan Chinese Dictionary have also been included and translated, making this an unsurpassed resource for verbs.

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There is also an essay on verbs in the prefatory section which will help to clarify this very difficult issue. The original text is exceptionally difficult to follow; even well-educated Tibetans find it almost impossible to read. Tony spent six months digesting and translating the original then made a new arrangement of the original information in the text within the dictionary. This arrangement contains expanded definitions that explicitly show the implicit information in the original, much of which is almost impossible to get from the original.

Coupled with translations and hypertexting these expanded definitions make the dictionary form of the original accessible for the first time and significantly more useful than the original.