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Unless I misunderstand something, that isn't a fix at all. I still have the Chrome window header and the SilverLight controls on the bottom. And, presumably because of the space they take up, black bands on the left and right. F11 gets rid of the window header, but still leaves the controls and, thus, the black bands. Actually, there will be a way to do this across all browsers. Applications will have to be updated to take advantage of this, but the change should be very easy to make. See http: The Netflix application, which is implemented in Silverlight.

They are aware of this new capability, but I can't say when they'll have support for it. It's beginning to dawn on me that the "security implications" which prevented Silverlight. A secondary question: Is "trusted application" a binary choice that I am asked to accept or is each "dangerous" activity that the Silverlight application wants to do a separate trusting choice that I have?

I'd describe it as preventing a malicious developer from taking advantage of an unsuspecting user. Here's a quick example: As a malicious developer, I could put up a full screen application that looked just liked the OS login window. Some users might catch this and know to kill the application, others might type their username and password in, which my application then immediately posts to my server. Silverlight doesn't have a lot of these, but when we do add them it's because we felt that it was necessary to inform the user, the request the user's acceptance, or to allow the user to control the experience.

It sounds like, in the dual monitor case, trying to type into a window displayed on the monitor other than the one Silverlight. Is that true? So trusting Netflix,say, to stay fullscreen is to trust Netflix not to record all my keystrokes -- simply to send them to the correct window. If this is not the case, I don't understand your spoofing example in the context of Silverlight.

This works very well. I can watch Netflix full screen on my second monitor in a guest OS while using my primary monitor to do other things without loosing fullscreen on my second monitor. I already used VMware for other tasks thanks for the idea. Thanks for your post. Could you describe your setup in greater detail? It works, I guess, in that the video fills an entire screen and I'm free to work on another one, and the audio seems to be very good.

But there's all kinds of tearing and framerate problems that remind me what it was like troubleshooting video problems in Honestly, I'd rather use my the Firefox zoom-hack that I detailed above almost a year ago What version and type of VMWare are you running? Server, player, workstation? Did you have to do any tweaking of anything to make it work well?

Or, alternatively: Is it not working all that well, and I'm simply pickier than you about framerate issues? OK, let's be clear about this.

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If you haven't used VMWare tools before then you are likely to stumble around a bit to get it to work. They are mostly relegated to the dustbin except for special cases like NetFlix where I do still need it. You will also need a second valid virus protection license for the copy of Windows you run inside of VMWare.

These licenses are distinct from the licenses you are presumably running on your machine right now.

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Be warned. IIRC Player is free. Once you get VMWare running then Windows boots in a window and that window represents your virtual monitor. You'll smile the first time you see Windows boot inside of another operating system. It's fun. Or very slightly less to account for the VMWare window borders and title bar.

You can then maximize Instant Watch and you'll get exactly what you want. My Gentoo system has two 23" monitors. I run NetFlix on one full screen on that monitor. Mouse clicks inside that environment case Silverlight to do the same things you see today. However once you learn how to do it maybe you'll starting running Linux and use Windows as a program and not an operating system. I run VMware on a core I7 computer running Windows 7. I made an image of my old windows XP computer to run as a virtual machine, I retired the old computer hardware. Good suggestion,I like it.

I'm Sorry, but I do not understand the problem here. I have followed many threads stating that Silverlight version 2 was not capable of holding full screen. I checked to see what version I have and lo and behold I have version 4, it is still not able to hold full screen. I was surprised by this because Sliverlight reps stated that they were working on this for future upgrades. How hard can it be to have a window hold full screen until the esc key is hit? I admit that I am no programer, but I know that many people would like this to be implemented, and I can't see how this minor request could pose a problem.

Can someone please explain this to me? I think that after all this time, I can answer your question. The security guys at Microsoft are worried that a Silverlight app using full screen could mimic some other app and prompt you to enter your secrets. As a not very good example, it could put up what looked like a Windows logon screen and when you entered your password, it would email it to its evil lords. So how to stop this? One way is to make the first keystroke -- the first character of your password -- drop out of fullscreen mode so you will see the trick being played on you.

The other way, which has been promised in the future, is to have a way for you to declare which Silverlight apps you trust not to play these tricks. For some reason I don't really understand, the app, itself, has to be modified to take advantage of being trusted.

As to why the fix is taking so long, or why the bug got out of beta, or why Netflix switched to Silverlight without this bug fixed, I have no idea. Listen, I am tired of everyone in this thread being nice. I don't want your security features, I am not worried about some damn stupid thing where people are gonna steal my passwords. I watch movies and play WoW, that's it. Just give me a damn option to turn off this stupid security feature, and let me take my chances. I don't use this silverlight thing for anything other than netflix, and would prefer not to use it for that.

This is why I use Firefox and not IE, it does not have all the stupid security crap, and I can block scripts and popups. Seriously, WTF! Maybe I should read more before I respond, lol. They prompt you first if this is okay, but the functionality exists. Dude, chill. And Netflix chose it because there were issues with the flash player they needed to overcome. Also, Silverlight 4 already has a feature in it for allowing full screen playback even when you switch focus to another application as you would on a multi monitor setup.

It prompts the user for permission to allow silverlight to stay full screen and you can make it permanent for the web site it is used on. The problem is, Netflix hasn't updated their player to use this new feature. So complain all you want, but complain to Netflix. Also, the security issues are important to many other users and MS has for years had everyone bitching that they don't make anything secure so once the put security first they still get attacked.

They do video capture of lectures at schools around the nation. It is so frustrating to have a multi-screen setup and not be able to full screen the lecture while taking notes on the other screen. I realize MS has security concerns with enabling this feature, but plenty of us are savy users willing to take a minor security risk for a greatly enhanced user experience. How and what is this line of code you refer to? Bill, nothing you can do as a user You could try contacting their support and request they implement the feature.

My workaround requires a spare computer - but it is effective for my purposes. You can use the slave for email etc. Why do you forbid someone to take notes on one screen while having a full-screen on another screen? It would have been easily fixable granting some known to be harmless or better: Not being able to use my dual screen setup with silverlight based stuff is more than annoying, it is a step back!

This thread is 3 years old now, had over 3. This is supported in Silverlight 4 today.

The application developer has to take advantage of it - it's not enabled by default. Your easy fix is what Microsoft belatedly did, although with a wrinkle -- the applications, NetFlix or whatever, which wish to be white listable, must be modified. I don't think it has been explained here WHY an application must be modified to be white listable.

While adding the developer-opt-in support is nice, and a very welcome addition, it doesn't fix all the apps out there that haven't been updated to use it.

Netflix freezing to black screen on MacBook Pro? Silverlight Plug In Failure... help.....

I think what would solve everyone's desires would be a way for the end-user to opt-in to sticky full-screen mode for a given app without requiring the developer to modify the app. Add a right-click menu option, or a setting in the silverlight prefs. Boom, done. Usually when I click on a video to watch in netflix, I can only view the video if my mouse cursor is located above the browser window in the toolbar area.

The moment I bring the mouse down to try and adjust the volume, or to click the "full screen" button, then the screen goes blank. At times when this does not occur, however, when I attempt to click on the "full screen" button, the computer freezes, I'm forced to try ctl-alt-del to shutdown the browser which takes nearly 5 minutes to complete, and usually I end up having to just shut down the computer.


Any ideas? When trying things functions on my computer monitor and not it dual monitor mode, there are no problems. Thanks very much to the Silverlight team for listening to the community and shipping a very valuable addition. Problem is that the client of SilverLight has to make a small change to go along with the fix for it to be usable. You didn't state which clients you are using. In my case, I use only Netflix.

Netflix now lets me watch a film on one screen and use the other screen for work. There was a one-time popup which allowed me to declare that I always wanted to trust Netflix. Your right, I discovered this after I made the post. I sent them an e-mail to see if they would fix it, fingers crossed. I'm sure its not a priority for them tho. I too, have the Netflix dualscreen, fullscreen problem. I called Netflix, and told them about the dualscreen, fullscreen problem. They never mentioned any kind of fix or opt in for the fix.

They just told me it was a Microsoft problem, and sent me on my way. You need to download and install the latest Silverlight. The Netflix part will then be automatic except for the one-time popup. I need some serious help here buddy. I actually did a little boo-boo:. I visited netflix. I don't know what I was thinking - I said NO to this message. What I really wanted to say was a YES to that offer message. Can you please advice how to change it????? I tried opening netflix again in internet explorer it seems to remember my setting.

It sucks! Can you please advice here or on my email: It involves:. The link with the "suggested solution" is here: It involves "poping-up" an instance of a Chrome page with Silverlight player playing in it and relocating it. Just an added note. It has a function built in that if you choose it your system will automatically direct the playback to the secondary screen when detected when the program opens. It would seem the same concept could be incorporated here.

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Fullscreen Mode with Dual Monitor

Quick access. Search related threads. Remove From My Forums. Answered by: Archived Forums. Report a Silverlight Bug. Report a Silverlight Bug https: Use this forum to describe the bug and the code or steps to reproduce it. Sign in to vote. Monday, December 31, 7: Tuesday, September 14, 1: Tuesday, January 1, 7: Wednesday, January 2, 9: Wednesday, January 2, Tuesday, January 22, 7: Friday, February 1, 1: Well i belive when working on web.. So finally we have to move on Monday, February 4, 9: Saturday, March 22, No, but it's a good idea.

We'll take it under consideration. Wednesday, April 2, 9: Monday, April 7, 1: After all Silverlight is a video player i wouldn't reduce it to a video player! Tuesday, April 8, 4: Anyway, thanks for the information!! Tuesday, April 8, 6: Tuesday, April 8, Wednesday, April 9, 5: Wednesday, April 9, 6: Thanks again, Andy. I'm having a similar problem using Netflix streaming using dual monitors.

But in my case, Silverlight seems to work fine on the secondary monitor. It goes into fullscreen just fine. But the whole point of using dual monitors, in my case, is to use the primary monitor for normal computer stuff while watching a movie on the secondary. But as soon as I move the cursor mouse over to the primary monitor, the fullscreen movie collapses into non-fullscreen. Is this really working as designed? It's awful. The SlingPlayer works fine in this context. Is there no way to lock the movie fullscreen unless ESC is pushed as the message indicates is the case?

It could be a solution which I could do as a user or one I could suggest to Netflix to use. Monday, January 5, 5: So in your mind, there are no security issues here, right? Tuesday, January 6, Cheers, MWK. Saturday, January 10, 5: Please advise! Friday, January 30, 5: It could be enough to have a Stand Alone Silverlight stream player Oh yes.

Of course this goes outside the policy of Silverlight and the content provider wishes. Thank you Stefania Castelli. Sunday, February 22, 8: Wednesday, March 11, 9: Saturday, March 14, Tuesday, March 31, 3: I want to watch Netflix movies while I code: Please fix this MS, please! Thursday, April 9, 8: I actually just canceled my Netflix account due to this specific problem. Sunday, April 26, 1: What if you have different resolutions on your monitors? I don't see how that would work well. Tuesday, April 28, 3: Sunday, May 3, SL is one of the most solid new things that has come out of Microsoft in years.

It's been out there for almost two years now, and I still have yet to hear about any security holes. Flash however have had a ton of them. What a lot of you don't realize is that Silverlight runs within a sandbox, and that's partly why it's so secure. To disable the screensaver, get access to a list of available monitors etc, it would have to break out of the sandbox to talk to the system directly.

I share the concerns Microsoft has with being able to do that. For years Microsoft just added whatever the customers asked them to, without stepping back for a second and think it through. It's nice to see that they learned from it and now values security higher than features.

Sunday, May 3, 1: Monday, May 4, 3: It sounds like you have something quite interesting to say. Monday, May 4, 4: I don't understand what the "screensaver" is in this context. Also, I don't understand the problem with detecting a mouse click on the other monitor. The whole point of what we all are complaining about is we DON'T WANT any action taken on that mouse click such as reverting to windowed mode for the video.

Thanks -- Vincent. Monday, May 4, 8: Good luck, MWK. Monday, May 4, 9: Tuesday, May 5, 3: Is there anybody that already tried it? Saturday, May 16, You need windows Vista for this to work! Wednesday, May 20, 5: Netflixuser, Thanks for the detailed workaround. I have the following almost-workaround for folks in my situation or, I guess, running XP: Thursday, June 18, 1: It is also getting rid of the clutter around the picture resulting from being within a window.

Just to add my voice to the chorus: Not being able to use fullscreen on my 42" TV makes the whole setup useless with Netflix. To add to the wish list, HD p ok and encoded digital audio would be much appreciated as well. Cheers Cherie. Friday, June 19, 7: Saturday, June 20, 2: Sunday, September 6, Just to keep this message alive, I recently signed up for netflix, and like to work on my computer while my kids watch movies. But, then it goes from fullscreen mode into the browser since I have dual monitors I have a plasma TV, so this actually causes burn-in I started looking for some kind of fix I hope this gets fixed soon!

Friday, January 22, 9: Friday, January 22, Wednesday, January 27, 2: Tuesday, March 2, 1: Tuesday, March 2, 2: Hi All. There is a fix for this. Google Chrome can create what is basically a borderless browser. Go to Netflix. Then click on the file icon in chrome just to the right of the address bar, left of the preferences button. Then click "create applications shortcut". Check desktop and click ok. This will create a shortcut on the desktop for Netflix that will be borderless.

You can then drag that window to the second monitor and maximize. Be sure to maximize the Chrome window itself NOT the 'full screen' button on netflx. That window will stay maximized while doing stuff on the other screen. Monday, March 22, 6: Monday, March 22, Google Chrome can Tuesday, March 23, Tuesday, March 23, 8: In the case of Netflix and Firefox, which is the "application" which has to be changed for this to work?

Tuesday, March 23, 9: If so, what was the danger to me? Wednesday, March 24, 1: There are certain actions that require user notification, acceptance, or control over. For example: Once again, thanks -- Vincent. Wednesday, March 24, 3: Hi Tom, I have health issues that avoid me from spending too much time in hacking the issue Tuesday, May 4, Wednesday, May 5, Wednesday, May 5, 9: All valid points.

A backup of my virtual machine was made. On a side note, Apple iMac has been the worst computer I have used, the software and the hardware have too many niggling issues that Apple do not fix. For something that is supposed to be a premium product it really falls short. Posted on Jan 28, 3: Jan 28, 4: Page content loaded. Jan 28, 3: You may have a third party Safari extension or third party plugin installed that's causing a conflict.

Uninstall one extension then quit and relaunch Safari to test. This time select the Security tab. Allow plug-ins. Quit and relaunch Safari to test. If that made a difference, instructions for troubleshooting plugins here. None of that worked unfortunately. It's an underlying software issue that even Apple have no clue as to what to do about.

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