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Sensational Support Get the help you need right away. Canto Automation. Canto Integrations. Powerful Integrations Connect the tools you love with Canto. Schedule Your Call Now Ready? First step, grab a block of time. Get Pricing Request Demo. This website uses cookies. The above-mentioned Directory Opus is one. Development on it started in for the Amiga, and the developers have continued working on it ever since.

It was started in and continues to be updated to this day. SnagIt , the image capture program is yet another example. It's a screen capture program that has had continual updates since These are products that are cared for, curated, loved. In my search for a media asset management tool, there is another.

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Norbert M. It scanned online and offline media, looking for CD information music, mostly and stored it in a central catalog. When I say "all sorts of media," I mean it. I can't go into all the formats this thing handles , but it goes way beyond my needs to a wide variety of music formats, video formats, movie formats, document formats, and more. Expecting very little given my prior experience, I set about importing my files into NeoFinder. Some time later without crashing it had them all imported into its databases.

A search NeoFinder is also integrated with the Mac's Spotlight takes seconds.

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NeoFinder also supports network sharing, has an iOS version, and there's even a Windows clone that will import his catalog files and clearly the two developers talk, because the Windows version is promoted on the NeoFinder site. Oh, as for file limits: 4,,, catalogs. That's not files.

That's the number of catalogs of files NeoFinder can handle. I think we're good for a while, don't you?

There's probably one more thing you want to know, don't you? How much is this thing? Forty bucks. I've been using NeoFinder since I bought it late last year and it's had a few substantial updates since then, has never crashed, has reasonable support direct from Norbert, and it cost all of forty bucks.

Digital Asset Management Software for Mac

The Web site looks like something from , but the product beats every other media manager I've looked at when it comes to the basics: storing, previewing, thumbnailing, and retrieving files of all the needed formats. No, it doesn't have facial recognition and a library of Instagram-like effects. That's not what I needed.

I needed something that actually worked, and NeoFinder knocks it out of the park for under fifty bucks. Review copies of Directory Opus and SnagIt were provided some years ago. By the way, I'm doing more updates on Twitter and Facebook than ever before.

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Digital Asset Management Software

Personalize your search in 2 clicks Select your company size Select your industry type. Personalize your search in a few taps. Sort by. Highest Rated. Sorting options. Sorts results by apps running active bidding campaigns, from the highest to lowest bid. Daminion Server. Daminion Server is a digital asset management solution designed to help small to large businesses create secure digital asset libraries. Read more about Daminion Server. Visit Website Add to compare Compare Remove app.

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Visit Website Compare. Digizuite DAM. The best Digital Asset Management software for enterprises. Anyone can access your digital content anywhere and from any device. Read more about Digizuite DAM. Extensis Portfolio.

Best Digital Asset Management Software - Reviews

Find, share, and protect your assets with Portfolio software; a digital asset management solution that can be tailored to fit your organization's unique needs. Read more about Extensis Portfolio. Read more about Wrike. Read more about Airtable. Learn more Add to compare Compare Remove app.